Palouse Falls Sunset


Rick Holliday


Over the years I have seen many captivating images on blogs and in magazines. Oftentimes, they were from exotic locations that I dreamt of going to, but, in reality, had little likelihood of ever actually visiting. Then, there were images that were more accessible. Images I had seen of the Palouse fall into the latter category. Even though southeast Washington state is a long ways from home, it’s certainly feasible to visit there from Atlanta. The most captivating image I had seen of the area was of Palouse Falls. The shot I saw had it all. The sky was glowing during a brilliant sunrise or sunset. The falls were full and flowing. The exposure was long enough to capture the whirlpool effect that happens in the pool below the falls. All in all, some of the images I had viewed were among the most beautiful image I had ever…

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