Photography: Smithsonian National Zoo

Missile Mill: Painting & Photography

Taking a break from the … whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing right now.  Packing up the kitchen.  They said two days notice before the drywall massacre and pipe refitting begins.  Two days!  Not one.  Oh well.

Here’s some photos from Friday’s excursion into DC.  These are some of the best pics I’ve taken.  Tips for me to remember for next time or anytime.

  1. Morning light
  2. Good, quality lens
  3. I went on a weekday when things aren’t too crowded
  4. I had literally all day so I could be patient and wait half an hour for the “right” moment at a particular exhibit.
  5. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle at work.

Good times.  I have to figure out how to do a people excursion some time.

Alright.  Back to it.

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