Joining the dark side

Motoring Con Brio

That’s right, we speak of the Face Book, which we generally can’t stand, yet have nevertheless now joined. After establishing presences on both Flickr groups and Google groups, it seemed silly to continue holding the biggest online evil juggernaut this side of Google at arm’s length solely on account of our personal revulsion. So we have succumbed. Above all else, it is for you, dear reader, as you all are on it, and this seemed like the easiest way to share cool stuff outside of this website. After all, Motoring Con Brio – which we’ve always treated more as a collective than as a personal blog – couldn’t exist without its numerous contributors, and what better way to encourage such contributions than through the single platform that just about every man, woman, and child (besides us, apparently) uses? will continue to serve as the centerpiece of the…

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