Pagoda Watugong Semarang

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Pagoda Avalokitesvara di Vihara Buddhagaya Watugong, Semarang, ditetapkan Museum Rekor Indonesia sebagai pagoda tertinggi di Indonesia. Pagoda yang memiliki tinggi 45 meter itu dibangun tujuh tingkat. Menurut sejarah vihara ini merupakan Vihara pertama di Indonesia setelah keruntuhan kerajaan Majapahit. Pada tahun 1955 YM Bhante Narada dan Bhante Ashin meresmikan vihara tersebut.

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Outside Edinburgh: Tantallon Castle (East Lothian, part 2) | Lisa Hsia

Continuing from yesterday’s post: One of the most dramatic and beautiful sights Catriona and Stuart took us to on Sunday — in a day of fabulous sights — was the ruins of Tantallon Castle, a 14th-century fortress set on a headland. There’s not much left of the castle, really, but it’s an atmospheric structure, and the site is just breathtaking. (Well, probably it’s freezing cold and windy and wet much of the time, but not on the day we went!)

Signboard and castle


{as always, click to enlarge}

I’m quite tired so I’ll just put all the descriptions in mouseover. We went dancing tonight (at a ceilidh!) and we leave Edinburgh tomorrow on a train to the Highlands, so it’s been a busy day. But these photos follow the path we took, exploring the castle, so they should be a good walking tour!

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Last Day in Pennsylvania

Travels with Gunther and Kara

Today was our last day in Elverson, PA and Connie picked out a nice hike for us to go on. We stayed within the boundaries of French Creek State Park. First stop was the Hopewell Forge National Historic Site…this is a reconstructed iron forge from the late 1700’s. It produced pig iron all the way up through the Civil War and provided a good deal of war material for the Union side. Very similar in layout, construction, and purpose as the Catoctin Forge we visited last week but Hopewell has been rebuilt a lot more and has working charcoal kilns as well as a rehabilitated iron master’s house, cooling shed, and other forge buildings. Here are photos of the house, cooling shed, forge, and kiln areas.

Next stop was Hopewell Lake itself. Neil had ridden the bike by it a couple times this week and it was all downhill from…

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It’s August 3, 2012. We are back in Spokane, Washington after a relatively short drive from Butte, Montana. I’ll be honest…I am desperate to get home! All the driving and hotels are getting to me (and the rest of the family I suspect). But it’s nice to know that by tomorrow, we’ll be home.

On our way through Spokane three weeks ago, I wanted to stop in at Gonzaga University to have a look at the campus. I LOVE university campuses and try to at least drive through if I get the chance. It brings back memories of my own time in university – both Simon Fraser and Royal Roads –  which I recall fondly!

Well, today I did it. Pip and I explored the campus of Gonzaga University today. Being summer, it was quiet and beautiful. On our journey, I began to recall how I hadn’t even heard of…

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A fairy tale birthday

All I Need

Once upon a time in a land far away, a middle-aged woman celebrated her 43rd birthday…

She hopped on an air-conditioned bus in Munich with her “bestie” and off they traveled through verdant countryside.  Along the way, she saw bell wearing bovines, farmers in their fields, and flowers overflowing from window boxes.  She could not contain herself!

Her excitement grew more and more with each hairpin turn and as the hills began to grow and the Alpine background came into view she began to wonder if she were dreaming.  Tucked in the folds of the mountains was a castle, Neuschwanstein to be exact, and though the front side was covered in scaffolding (something that happens only once every 30 years for cleaning) she was awed nonetheless.  The adventure had begun!


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Going for the Gold

Pretty Purva

Hello! 您好!नमस्कार! Bonjour! ¡Hola! Γεια σας! Salue! Dia duit!

Hello in any language you speak! I have a ton to talk about. Such as..

Camp Words


Hit Songs

So lets get started!

Camp Words

The week I came back to camp, it was all drama. Drama,drama,drama. Not the best way to reunite with friends. I, being myself, will not talk about this over the internet. But Monday was horrible. Tuesday was much better, if I do say so. But honestly, I must say a couple things myself.

This whole thing happened, becuase we all want to grow up too quickly. And you all must admit it. Like the crazy saying, YOLO, you only live once. So why destroy it? I have found out that if you try to be an adult, you just complain to become a kid again.

And why in the world do you want to be…

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