Hiking the Manquehue… Such a beautiful place!

Chrizonic TPOAD

I decided to go on a hiking to explore an alternative route to the top of the Manquehue, forgetting that I had gone hiking twice  in the last six days and that it had rained yesterday… so there was lots of mud everywhere… pretty slippery ground. But I went anyways, from my house door to almost the top of the mountain. It was TOTALLY worth it…  amazing landscapes…. lots of peace…. fresh air… and seeing that it was dusk… everything looked even more beautiful.
I’m getting to the on the next hike. I still don’t know what awaits for me at that 20% of road left… but I’m willing to find out…
ANYWAYS, here are some pictures I took on the way and in the pre-top. (3 MP phone camera…)

And there at the pre-top…. I played the Ocarina in a pleasant echoing peace.

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