Thailand Travelogue: ChungKai War Cemetery, Buddha Statue Hidden in a Cave, Train to the Bridge on the River Kwai

Confessions of a Boy Toy

Earlier this year the Tourism Authority of Thailand invited me to come visit the country and create our first ever Asian guide for GayCities. The phenomenal travel connoisseur Carlos Melia took me, YouTuber Davey Wavey and colleagues from Pink Triangle Press, Passport magazine and dot429 around Bangkok, Chiang Mai and the Golden Triangle region showing us the shiniest gems Thailand has to offer. The following travelogue retraces highlights from my third day there.

ChungKai War Cemetary

The following day we took a fieldtrip outside Bangkok to go explore the River Kwai. Our first stop, however, was the immaculate cemetery for the western prisoners of the Second World War, who died while living in work camps and being subjected to constructing the labor-intensive Burma-Siam railway. The ChungKai cemetery itself was actually built by the surviving POW’s.

Containing the graves of over 1,700 prisoners, the cemetery is a point of pilmigrage for many western…

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