Suwon: Hwaseong Fortress

Caitlin is Temporary

Suwon is the city right next door to Yongin. If Yongin has a large share of the employers and entertainment, then Suwon is the neighboring city with the excellent historical sights and street markets. Suwon’s claim to fame–and my reason for visiting– is Hwaseong Fortress and Palace, which is famous as the place where a misguided King Jeongjo of the Joseon Dynasty attempted to move the capital of the kingdom.

The fortress was completed in the 18th century. The plan for construction was designed by Jeong Yak-yong, a famous scholar who also came up with various types of construction devices (some even pictured below) to build the high walls and move heavy stones. Most of the fortress was destroyed by war, but due to the meticulous plans that were preserved, most of the destroyed portions have been restored to exact specificity.

I wish I could provide more pictures and observations…

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