Oceanside, California

Wandrin' Round

Our first full day in La Jolla was a heartbreakingly beautiful Sunday.  Having no firm plans and all the time in the world, we slept late into the morning until hunger finally forced us from our very comfortable bed.  I can’t remember how we finally settled on a visit to Oceanside  followed by a leisurely cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) back to La Jolla.  It might have had something to do with wanting a good breakfast/brunch, but I can’t be sure.  Because we were starving by the time we finally hit the road, we opted to take Route 5 for the speediest drive up to Oceanside.  In less than a half hour, we were pulling into a very tidy and almost deserted Oceanside and an equally empty Breakfast Club Diner.

Deciding on the Breakfast Club had been a random thing, the result of a brief Internet search and a “what the heck” attitude.  The choice was a satisfying gamble.  The food was fresh…

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