Don’t overlook what’s in your own backyard.

Splash Photography ~ as it happens


Too often I hear people who have a love of photography complain that they just haven’t had time to get out and take photos. It’s an easy excuse to make about many aspects of our life however, I always struggle to understand how people can use this excuse in relation to their photography.

The great thing about photography is that once you have that most essential piece of equipment – a camera – the possibilities are endless. First things first…PICK IT UP, there that wasn’t so hard was it? Now the next most important thing is to turn it on and start clicking! From here you can either just walk around the house clicking away randomly until something catches your eye or you can step outside. Inhale……exhale…… ahhhhh how good is that fresh air?

When we live in the same house every day, drive to work the same way…

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